Floor Up – Under floor drawers

  • Safe construction with a split floor.
  • Light for the heavy work.
  • 100% extendable.
  • Strong as steel, light as aluminium.
  • 8-year warranty.
  • Galvanized and immersed coated.
  • Mounting via subframe. NO holes in the body.
  • Various sizes, many possibilities.
  • Telescopic slides for 100% pull-out drawers.
  • Load capacity of the drawers up to 150 kg.
  • Large selection of dividing accessories.
  • Possibility to combine the double floor with a pull-out frame, equipped with modules.

Pull-out systems in combination with modules with drawers and floors.
Different module combinations can be applied to the pull-out frame.
Mechanical safety stop of the pull-out frame in both open and closed positions.

Double floor with drawers.
Drawer extension 100%.
Countless dividing options of the drawers with accessories.

All drawers are 100% extendable and can be divided with interchangeable containers and partitions.

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