The Multi Storage is a multifunctional shelf for your commercial vehicle equipment. It is functional, versatile, clear and safe.

You can have the shelf adjusted to your own needs, for example with:

  • High raised edge at the back.
  • Raised edge at the front.
  • Light weight aluminum valve (low or high).
  • Locking rails for multiboxes.
  • Multiboxes (available in various sizes).
  • Extendable guides or fixed trays for Storeboxes.
  • Storebox cases (available in various sizes).
  • Landing securing point at the front and / or rear of the shelf for tension rods and lashing straps.
    multistorage storevan

The modular MultiStorage can be adapted to the changing needs of employees and other professionals: the different functions can be changed at any time by a range of different components.

The Multi Storage is available in three different depths and lengths and is suitable for all brands of tool cases.

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