Van Flooring and Interior Panelling

The best quality!

  • Floorplates with the innovative semicircular aluminium fitting system.
  • Base plate mounting without drilling into the vehicle floor.
  • Available in grey granite motif.
  • Patented interlocking aluminium profiles, safe in rear-end collisions.
  • Wallcovering made of polypropylene sandwich panels. Light and strong.
  • The wallcovering easily adapts to the vehicle model.
  • Anchoring the load to the floor and walls of the commercial vehicle is flexible and safe.

Wood flooring, 9/12 mm thickness, coated with phenolic film and shaped to fit around the vehicle’s original anchor points.

This van flooring was specifically designed for easier anchoring of small and medium-sized items, in compliance with the load securement requirements of directive 2014/47/EU.


Detail of flooring.

Wandbekleding PP

Protective panelling, made from 4-mm thick polypropylene honeycomb sheets. Lightweight and resistant.

Wandbekleding Alu

Aluminium diamond plate. Both the panelling and flooring can be made with an anti-slip aluminium diamond plate.


Window grilles come in various materials and sizes.

Example of van flooring.

Example of flooring for safety cross.


Example of flooring and interior panelling.