StoreVan for BYD ETP3 commercial vehicles

StoreVan provides commercial vehicle fittings for BYD commercial vehicles. By using a professional layout in your cargo space, you efficiently manage the space.

As a user, you experience a lot of convenience because you can find everything quickly and easily. Additionally, you can safely transport your tools and other goods and items in your BYD commercial vehicle. Also, for your customers, such a neat and organized commercial vehicle interior is confirmation that they have hired the right company.

Online examples of BYD ETP3 commercial vehicle fittings

Would you like more information about fitting out your Nissan commercial vehicle? Feel free to contact us. We can show you via 3D images what a layout in your work van looks like and how it functions.

View examples of commercial vehicle fittings for a BYD commercial vehicle and information about the floor drawers below. Click on an image to view the PDF: